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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  September 21, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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coming up on "nfl primetime," no plaxico burress, no problem for the giants, who passed their way through the big shiny opening of cowboys stadium in dallas. in new york, he's already a demi-god. the defense leading the charge for rex ryan's roar. plus we get set for peyton manning to go to south florida and take on the dolphins. primetime has it all right now. captioning provided by espn, inc. hi, everybody. welcome in to "nfl primetime." so glad you are hanging out with us. trey wingo. trent dilfer is here. and merril hoge is here as well. >> don't like the welcome i just got. >> welcome, merril.
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it is really an honor sharing oxygen with you. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> and not an ego at all. coming up tonight on "monday night football," the colts not involving merril, going for the 11th straight regular season win in miami. let's get you set for the very latest in what's going on with both teams with the team reports. we say hello to michele tafoya. >> hi, trey. peyton manning is going to have to deal with something he hasn't had to deal with in years. that's uncertainty at wide receiver. anthony gonzalez is out injured, out two to six weeks. he will rely heavily on pro bowler reggie wayne and tight end dallas clark. manning is going to have to integrate two young players, rookie austin colley and second year man pierre garson. the colts on thursday signed hank baskett, the former eagles wide receiver, but he'll play a
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limited role tonight if he plays at all. for an update on the dolphins, here's suzy kolber. >> michelle, in stark contrast to a dolphins offense loaded with weapons, the dolphins with built on a steady quarterback told to hold down the fort until one of their top draft picks is ready to go. we asked chad pennington, what is the dolphins' identity? he said whatever it takes to win. run, pass, wildcat, whatever it takes to win. tonight we can't get in a shootout with peyton manning. the game plan, protect the ball and rely on the defense. everyone thinks of the dolphins as all wildcat. really it's just a small percentage of what they do. >> suzy, thanks very much. last year it wasn't a very effective percentage of what they did. merril, you look at that offense, and i'm going to you for your great football wisdom right now. >> i can't wait to give it to you. >> the offense really struggled in that season opening loss atlanta. where do they get the spark they didn't have week one. >> i get the tape of the previous game, and i plugged in
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there. you get to see the coaches tape. it's very interesting. they try to create gadget plays to get explosive plays. they try to get explosive plays off the wildcat. if they dont capitalize on the wildcat plays or gadget, they don't get explosive plays. then the play becomes very mundane and condensed. that's the problem. here's one play out of the wildcat. this is why they drafted pat white to get. they got it, folks. that should be a touchdown, and it ain't even close. and then the other play where they got a reasonably explosive play came off another gadget play. they pitch it to ronnie brown. they gelt tight ends sell and block. they stop. ronnie brown will throw it back. tight end comes across. these are all plays that were somewhat successful, but this is what you're relying on. you can't just line up and create explosive plays. the concern is these plays are not going to work consistently for you. that's why their offense had trouble last week. the colts will look at this tape. they understand the gadget. they've got the alerts out there. it's harder and harder every week to generate that.
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until they can be consistent with something, this offense is going to be very condensed. >> merril, one thing for sure, especially on those plays you just showed. those plays took time to develop. trent, if you're going to have time, you're going to have to block dwight freeney. we saw week one jake long had some problems with john abraham. he's going to have the same kind of problems with number 93. >> he has tremendous matchups tonight between jake long and dwight freeney. for the dolphins to get any points in this football game, they've got to attack the seams of the colts defense. to do that, you've got to throw from the pocket, and that pocket is going to get condensed because dwight freeney is an absolute beast, and jake long has the demons on his shoulders from last week he really struggled. john abraham given the bull rush. run right over him and getting to chad pennington. now look at dwight freeney. what's he famous for? the spin move. sets up outside. mad spin inside straight to david girard, wide open receiver that he can't get the ball to.
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then he sets you up and makes you think spin. what does he give you? the he gives you the rip, merril. drops the shoulder, gets the arm up, gives right to the quarterback. flushes david girard off the spot. for chad pennington, they've got to help jake long out and do not let dwight freeney become a factor in this game. >> there's a guy on the other side named mathis who doesn't get any respect. i want to give him some respect. >> absolutely. >> that guy is just as dangerous, and people tend to forget about him. they've got two guys to worry about tonight. >> what do sacks do? they create pressures and turnovers. one thing miami didn't do was turn it over. week one against the atlanta falcons. they turned it over four times. that has got to change for this offense. when we continue on "nfl primetime," we're going to take you inside jerry world. the stadium was a thing of beauty. cowboys' performance inside the stadium was not. drew brees is on pace for 72 touchdown passes. >> that's a lot. >> you laugh now. tell me how he's not going to get it.
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♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. welcome back to "nfl primetime." trey wingo, trent dilfer, merril hoge. here it was set up, sunday night, the cowboys open up their brand new stadium. $1.7 billion. >> that's a lot of money. >> it has its own zip code. it was huge. it was wonderful. giants are the inviteded guests. >> come on over and play with us. >> that's where it ended. >> there's a hole in the roof. >> why? why? >> so everybody in the
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dallas/ft. worth area could see the hd screen. they would see this unfortunately. this is what we call a pick six. >> just a tad high. >> bruce johnson takes it back to the house. really, trent, this was great defensive coaching. >> great job by the giants. strong side blitz. romo gets the right audible. he's got a mass protect. hit a smashmouth on the side. giants check the cover two. romo doesn't recognize it, throws it in between two receivers. you know what happens when you throw it in between two receivers? usually stopped by the defender. >> that was antonio pierce. closing minutes of the first half, this was a little kooky. did that ball bounce off the turf? we're not sure. goes right back to kenny phillips. if that's a good throw, it's not going to hit him. got to get the ball out in front on the front pad so he can run for the first down. this never comes up. i didn't know jason witten was a soccer player. >> he is now. the giants call a pick. they don't give the giants the touchdown return. romo would throw a few more this this game.
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giants and mario manningham. merril, that is an unbelievable catch after a bobble to begin with. >> i think eli did a great job pulling him back into the field so he can make the catch. just for a little extra points, bobble the ball in the air, make it look good, highlights, sportcenter, nfl primetime. then the cowboys said, perhaps we should run the ball. marion barber, gone. factor back. we've got a blown out wheel. actually, it's a quad strain mri. that put him inside the 10. then felix jones will finish this off. maybe after all the turnovers and all the problems, it can be salvaged. it's 31-30. perhaps they left too much time on the clock for eli manning. they started with a holding penalty. so from first and 20 to third and six, steve smith, who had ten catches in the game. manning on a second and ten. all kinds of time to kevin boss for a first down. both the giants and cowboys try to create so much pressure, neither team got a sack in this game. sometimes you get lucky. jay ratliff, who played a great
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game, actually got his hands on this. it goes right to manning ham, who also had ten catches in this game. that put the giants in field goal range. they would milk the clock. after a time-out that negated one game-winning kick, lawrence tynes says call another one, i don't care. i'm good. that's the game winner. jerry not happy as the giants walk out a winner 33-31. as we go next level. eli manning by distance thrown, if you look at the numbers, he was much better when they tried to throw it farther. >> very interesting. >> a pedestrian 13-22, but look it from for ten yards or more, 12 of 16 for 254 yards and two touchdowns. if your quarterback is going to have a game like that, you've got to have receivers you can trust. trent, that was the big concern for the giants offense going into the season. is it no longer a concern? >> i don't think it is. you said the key word, trust. in order to trust your receivers to make plays for you during the season, you've got to have a huge investment with them in the
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off-season. that's what eli manning did. that's why you're seeing these results in week two of the season. 20 catches between manning ham and smith for 284 yards is because of this. nice route running, awareness, get your head inside and get a ball thrown away from the defender. look at the release by mario manningham, stacks the defender. doesn't lose any speed on the post route. gets his head back and makes the play. sluggo move, gets outside, gets his head back inside, locate the ball and makes the play. good completion about tl. how about this by steve smith? head out. gets inside, stiff nod, gets in the end zone. this is all about the investment made, merril, in the off-season between eli manning and his receivers, and it's paying huge dividends. >> i'm going to stay on this trust thing. we're going to spin it over to the cowboys and tony romo. i am sure that tony romo trusts his wide receivers. do his wide receivers trust him? when you study quarterbacks -- and in our league, in the nfl, there are things you must be
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able to do consistently week in and week out. got to be a good decision-maker, and you must be accurate. there's a lot of ways you can throw interceptions, but tony romo last night -- he's already been accountable for this. was a bad decision-maker and was not very accurate. when you have a single safety sitting in the middle of the field, it is one guy's responsibility if you don't have route combinations there, and that is the quarterback. you've got to identify it. you can clearly see he's there. he's doing nothing to disguise things. here i am. tony threw it right to him. bad decision making, accuracy issues. there are times when receivers now start wondering, can i trust the quarterback? i know that tony romo said, i'm going to get this better. he's got to get it better, and he's got toe get it better this week. that trust aspect, then coaches start to doubt, players start to doubt. then you're talking about jon kitna, who's your backup if this happens one more week. >> the interesting thing is their next game will be at home one more time next week on "monday night football," when they take on the carolina panthers, who are also having
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the same issue with their quarterback jake delhomme. meanwhile, it was the home opener for the philadelphia eagles taking on the new orleans saints, who are treating every game like an arena league. that's how many points drew brees and company are putting up. he's limber. he's successful. he threw six touchdowns week one. why not? throw an end around to robert meachem, and he picks up 15 yards. that's a first down. next play, ball at the 15. this time they fake the toss, roll right, marques colston pretty good for the 252nd pick in the draft. >> drew brees can get out there and reset his feet so the timing of the play doesn't break down. if it takes too long, he can't get the ball in the back of the end zone. >> what an accurate throw. 5 of 5 for 53 yards on the first drive. brees back to pass. does some evasive action. reggie bush there in space. he can create. gain of 29 yards all the way to the eagles 25 yard line. on the very next play, did i say brees to colston once? >> let me tell you, this is an absolute dime. the timing and anticipation.
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coverage. >> what a perfect throw. >> technically, you are covering him. >> eight catches, 98 yards, two touchdowns for colston. >> merril, this is a real difference in this offense this year. they have a nose to the grindstone runner inside with mike bell. >> they are complementing the strength of this offense, which is drew brees and passing the football. they now have balance in all aspects of their offense. >> why not. heath evans. >> you talk about a factor back. get pads down. play behind your pads. that's why we issue them. >> only bad news for drew brees, he only threw half as many touchdown passes as he did last week. three is pretty good. mike bell, there he is again. 83 yards rushing. 31-13. this was a good eagles defense they are shredding. in the fourth quarter, reggie bush goes wild. espn action. first thing, look at the movement. reggie bush, see the hole there, the seam we call pressing the hole. adds he presses the hole, what happens? the defenders get over there. they fold.
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now you get a seal there and a seal here, and the alley right there, and you got the cutback. and reggie bush. this is how we've been talking about running. you get touchdowns from that aspect. >> 75 total yards. >> you fire me up, merril. >> saints go on to win 48-22. their offense has been unbelievable. they follow up a 45-point performance with a 48er. by the way, nine touchdown passes the first two weeks for drew brees. matches the all-time record set by charlie johnson of the old chicago team way back in the day. 936 total yards of offense in the first two games. >> video game offense. >> it's the arena league, and they're doing really, really well. lots more coming on this edition of "nfl primetime." a chance for redemption by jay cutler against the super bowl champs in chicago. meanwhile, speaking of arena games, in tennessee one of them broke out. weren't the texans and titans supposed to have really good defenses? we start with a fresh grade-a egg.
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welcome back to primetime. i'm michelle at that foye yeah in miami with this team report. last year they were dead last in their rushing game with 3.4 yards per carry. that running attack was a point
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of emphasis all off-season. as they said last saturday, i don't think we're good. what head coach jim caldwell said, it's early. there are no excuses for poor play and poor execution, but we're going to keep working on it, and we won't stop harping on it until we get it right. >> "primetime" rolls on. texans-titans. didn't tennessee have the best record in all of football last year? >> they did. >> they're off a sluggish start, but you cannot blame chris johnson. first quarter, no score. third and 19. i know, hand it off to chris johnson. >> why not? >> that was a perfect call. still the fastest player in the league. >> you've got to be patient. you've got to have vision. when you get good blocks, all you've got to do is follow. >> that would be impressive for most people, but not for chris johnson. listen, i'm open, just so you know. >> nobody on me. >> see you later. right there it's over. >> when you try to blitz the
4:22 pm
quarterback in the backfield, it's a hard adjustment for defenses to make. that's why they avoid it. >> hello. 69 yards. he's got a 57 yarder and a 69 yarder. we're not done. now third and 11. it's a give up play. >> no, it isn't. after-burners, vapor trail. 91 yards later, he's in the house. chris johnson, three touchdowns. ran for 197 yards. 284 total yards. two touchdowns over 50 yards. somehow it wasn't enough because the other johnson was pretty darn good. his name, andre. first quarter, texans down 7-0. matt schaub, who needs to have a big year, throwing to this guy as often as you can because he can do that. >> double move to get him an edge on the defender, and then finishing off the play, tipping it to himself, keeping his feet inbounds. what a pro. >> you want some more of that pro? i got some more of that pro. play action, waiting for the play to develop, has time. if you don't cover chris johnson, you might as well not cover andre johnson. >> gets in and out of the break. you can't see him.
4:23 pm
starts with the crossing route, gets vertical, and doesn't lose any speed. >> good job, excel and run too. >> ten catches for two touchdowns. third time he's done it in his career. tied at 31. they're all worried about andre johnson, so go to jacoby jones. 31-yard pass puts the texans in field goal territory. later in the drive, schaub off the replay here. just a wheel route. number 20 letting go, looking in the backfield. not doing his job. >> amen, do your job. >> and then kerry collins tries to do something besides his job, which is run with the ball, and it is fumbled. and jeff skanina is still playing. >> i know. >> and the titans lose out 34-31. >> we are talking about the tennessee titans, merril, that walked into the playoffs last year, number one overall seed in the afc, best record in football, they're staring at a big doughnut in the win column, 0-2. how concerned should they be?
4:24 pm
>> very concerned. one thing about jeff fisher that strikes me with this coach is discipline, especially in the secondary. they very seldom make mistakes. if you watch this game, we saw it in the highlights, so many times defensive backs are not in their position or not doing their job. that oftentimes happens in football. people want to be a hero. we call it the hero syndrome. instead of doing your job, you do another guy's job. what happens is your job doesn't get done. you're throwing the football, the run action, doing all those things. if you get ahead of yourself, you get in trouble. nick harper makes the tackle here. you see, as he's coming out. you see jacoby jones as he runs the wheel route, looking into the backfield. he's got to stay with jones even on the wheel route. he can't vacate it. he leaves, goes and tries to help somebody else who's already covered, and you got jones wide open. that's just one example of a lot of times you watch the game. people wide open, that's what happened. i know this, jeff fisher will be furious about this. they will change those things. they will get it corrected. they're still 0-2. they are desperate for a win this week. >> i would think the same thing
4:25 pm
that jeff fisher is going to address this and get it corrected. i saw this coming on at the end of last year when the houston texans gashed them in the passing game in the matchup. threw for 370 yards. what jumped out at me is this is becoming an undisciplined vekdry. now you start the first two games of the season, you've given up 720 yards passing. more importantly, these are noncontested throws. these are free runners in the secondary, trey. good pass defenses don't have free runners in the secondary. it's becoming habitual. it's a huge lack of discipline by the coaching staff and the players of the tennessee titans. >> and it doesn't get any easier for the tennessee titans because right now, next up for them week three, they've got to take on the new york jets, which are playing defense better than anybody right now. little more on that later. when we continue on "nfl primetime," the ravens and the chargers. darren sproles did everything except the one play they really needed him to do because of that man, ray lewis. and we'll explain why antwan odom is the key to the bengals'
4:26 pm
success. he had himself a season really in one afternoon in green bay. speaking of the jets, they were all over tom brady.
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baseball doubleheader on wednesday, 7:00 eastern. starts the phillies with the florida marlins. wednesday night on espn. let's go back to football. patriots and the jets, lot of chirping back and forth between these two teams during the week.
4:29 pm
patriots had not lost the jets since the bill clinton presidency. september 2000 at the meadowlands. tom brady, well, he was under pressure all day. bart scott, gets a piece of him there. it's incomplete. bart scott got a clean shot. overload pressures. that's when you bring more rushers than you can protect. jets did it all day long. that gives you situations like third and 20. under heavy pressure, brady tries to scramble. >> making brady move. >> but no one was open. that was the other important thinging with the pressure. >> incredible coverage too. there's jalen ard on the blitz. >> you go inside so the outside guy can come free. the execution and discipline. >> darrelle revis there with a pick on randy moss. he shut him down. then there's mark sanchez in front of the home crowd for the first time. jets down 9-3, and that's the skinny post to jerricho cotchery. the skinny post is fine, but i want yac as well.
4:30 pm
yards after the catch. this is a dime in the back of the end zone. manipulates the ball trajectory and speed. jets take the lead. pats have one more drive left. pass incomplete. then kris jenkins, come on. he will eat you. and then one more time. that one goes to nobody on second down. on third down, brady over the middle, looking for ben watson. broken up again. time and time again. here it comes. this is the game. >> we started blitzing. we're going to finish blitzing. >> rex ryan said that all week long. we're not going prevent. dwight lowery able to break it up on fourth down. good coverage down the field. >> on the ball. >> nice warm handshake. >> 16-9. again, the first time the jets had beaten the patriots at the meadowlands in nine meetings there. first time the pats held without a touchdown since 2006 when they were shut out by the dolphins. rex ryan's crew backed up his bark all week long.
4:31 pm
so let's show you next level, how the jets were effective in getting to tom brady. when the jets sent six or more pass rushers at brady, the patriots quarterback had little, if any, time connecting with the receiver completing just 11 of 28 of those passes. and that reallies wa the key. you look at this defense. you can slice it up any way you want. they were in attack mode from start to finish. they brought the pressure and coverage on the back side to back it up. >> and they attacked from so many different areas. so many layers to their blitzes. it's not just linebacker dogs in the middle. it's not just overloads from one side. they're coming at you from every direction. they're incorporating secondary defenders. that's why they're called blitzes. jim leonard, free runner. goes off the timing. playing great coverage off the interception. casino blitz. that means you're all the way in. you're bringing the house. mano y mano on the outside. you know the ball is coming from ten yards. more than one side than you can
4:32 pm
pick up. you take away the hot roll and finish it up the way you started. bring the casino blitz. trust your secondary to cover quick. there's only so many routes you can run when you know there's free runners. jets get that. you disrupt the rhythm. cover the quick throws. as a quarterback, it's impossible to play. >> trent, last week they played the houston texans. first tape i plugged in last week was the jets defense. thing that stood out to me right away was their corner darrelle revis. he is the best corner in the national football league. andre johnson, best receiver in football. they matched him up all day long. he was in his hip pocket, his front pocket, side pocket. it didn't matter where andre johnson went. they did the same with randy moss. bh you have a corner that can match up with great wide receivers and you can do that, here's what you do with the other ten guys. flexiblity. you can blitz anybody. all kinds of packages. as times, he played the ball well at the moment of truth. at times the jets have seven defensive backs on the field. why? because you have speed, athleticism, guys that can get
4:33 pm
to the quarterback quick, but they can also cover. when you've got a guy like darrelle revis, who is that good at covering, and you feel comfortable enough and confident enough that you can stick him out there and say, we're cool. baby, we are cool. we are cool! randy moss and andre johnson. i've got ten other guys to get after the other guy who throws it to them. >> let's be honest. they're a fumble away from being 0-2. their next two games are home games against the falcons and the ravens. both those teams are playing pretty well. >> mike reese wrote, what unfolded sunday was a sight not often seen with tom brady at qb. the results were in his hands, but the results did not follow. we move on to steelers and bears. a couple of big defensive stalwarts not playing in this one. brian urlacher sitting out. asomugha, and another linebacker polamalu. tyrone carter playing for
4:34 pm
polamalu. here is a polamalu hit. greg olson knew he was going to get smacked on this. oh, oh. polamalu enjoyed that. >> separate shoulder pad from body. >> third and goal, bears down by seven. that is a tight window. >> that's a really nice play. moves his feet. aware of all his receivers. when he plays well, jay cutler does, he gets to his secondary and third receivers. that's what he does here. polamalu did not like that one. third quarter now, reshard mendenhall has himself an adventure and ben contributes. those it to mendenhall. he's going to fall down. he has the resiliency to get up. please notice the play by big ben as he comes the other way on hunter hillen meyer. by the way, ben is bigger than most linebackers in the league. i don't like doing that. i like throwing the ball. later on the drive, first and ten. hands it off to mendenhall. mendenhall go. mendenhall finish. roethlisberger would later take it in on his own self. steelers up 14-7.
4:35 pm
now critical times in the game. chance to go up by ten. jeff reed, who won the game in overtime week one. no. look at the athletic ability by anthony davis. or anthony adams, as he celebrates. later, 3:32 to go. no. no. >> kick the ball. that's all they do. >> they kick. that's all they do. >> 3:18 on the clock, bears driving. cup cutler to matt forte. ball comes out, but greg olson recovers this one, right place, right time. then perhaps the most important play in the game. third and four. jay cutler fires that one in to devin hester. he makes the catch. so jeff reed could not do it twice. robbie gould says one time is all i need. >> did his job. >> there is your ball game. bears win 17-14. cutler, two touchdown passes and no interceptions. jeff reed's had better days. ravens-chargers. couple of teams thought to be in
4:36 pm
the mix for afc supremacy. philip rivers had himself an afternoon against a very, very tough "d." darren sproles, this helps your average. just throw it in the flat. good-bye. did a great job. understand the linebacker's got to cover him. one of the receivers in there. going to pick that linebacker. going to be all legal, and let sproles spripg him out on the back side. philip is happy. chargers up 7-0. third quarter, rivers continue to go play well. has a little time. >> this is a throw now. >> perfect throw. >> therefore, there is no defense. >> that's correct. there were three people there. >> emerging as one of those dominant wide receivers. then there's joe flacco. a great start against the kansas city chiefs. flacco to kelly washington. >> have you seen his hands? they're like catcher's mitts. biggest hands ever. >> this is the version off the quick screen. let's go to the go route off the block. if they don't defend it, we're going to get a touchdown, guys.
4:37 pm
coaching right there. >> ravens up 21-13. when all else fails, go to tahi. >> you've got to manipulate the pocket and go to your receiver. >> philip rivers trying to get his hand stretched and loose for the potential game-winning drive. 31-26. chargers down. rivers looking one more time for jackson. he's got him. they play pitch and catch with these two. under a minute to go at the ravens' 23. rivers to the end zone. for legedu nene. bring it in, baby. walker just gets his hands in there and breaks up a potential touchdown. here it is, fourth and two. you've got to get a first down. there's ray lewis. that's where he started. look where he finishes. darren sproles pancake. unbelievable play. take a look at the timing by ray lewis on this. this is a power play, not a dive. point guard, he recognizes it. he sees rivers think. that's his cue to fire his gun and make the play.
4:38 pm
>> that won it for the ravens 31-26. okay, we all know what happens to the bengals last week. >> devastating. >> they lost when they should have won. >> heart breaking. >> they're at lambeau taking on aaron rodgers and company. suddenly, antwan odom said not today. five times he said not today. yes, he did, in fact. one, two, three, four, five times antwan odom got to aaron rodgers and threw him down, at times with authority. >> it did help that the left tackle got hurt during the game. >> packers having offensive line issues first two games of the year. bengals down 21-14. carson palmer, that's a touchdown to chris henry. tied it up at 21. later in the third, same score. cedric benson going right, patience. picks up six. don't worry about the ball. get it down. >> cedric benson playing as hard as you could run the last five games of the season.
4:39 pm
they were not winning. he has carried it over to this season. >> 149 yards on 21 carries. later in the drive on third and 11. chad ocho cinco talking about doing the lambeau leap if he got into the end zone. give him credit. he went to the bengals fans. if you're going to do a lambeau leap, lambeau leap it. packers onside, and it works. can't have another heart breaking loss for cincinnati. trevon williams recovers it. now you've got to get down. got to spike the ball one last play and break the hearts one more time of the cincinnati bengals. as they're getting set, it's a false start. ten-second runoff. this time fate smiles on cincinnati. they win 31-24. game is over. >> when we continue on "nfl primetime," it's not how you start, it's how you finish. ladies and gentlemen, adrian peterson. oh, man. >> plus frank gore trying to turn back the clock and turn the
4:40 pm
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welcome back to kws primetime." i'm suzy kolber in miami. a dolphins team that tied the record with fewest turnovers with 13 last year, gave up 4 last week. tony sparano told us they always
4:43 pm
focus on turn yoeovers, but thi week heent old school. did the strip drill, gauntlets and everything with an extra week of practice. you can talk about giving up turnovers, but it becomes white noise. he wanted to make it important. wanted to drill it in. >> and tonight's fantasy minute brought to you by geico. peyton manning has thrown 25 touchdowns in 12 monday night football appearances while reggie wayne is coming off a ten-catch performance in week one. as for the dolphins, ronnie brown went for 115 yards on just 21 carries against the colts way back in 2006. nfc west showdown. seahawks-niners sweating a little bit. this is what made him sweat. matthew hasselbeck, friend of the show -- actually, relative of the show -- goes for the end zone here. patrick willis was the hitting machine, lands right on him. he did not return to the game. bruised ribs. now they're saying it may be a fractured rib. good news is no internal damage. there was a concern about that. the internal damage in this game was actually the seahawks
4:44 pm
defense. frank gore tore them up. >> you can't run against eight in the box unless you're a factor back, then you get a seal here and a seal there, and you get an alley, and you are gone. >> actually, he ran against nine because one of the referees was ritd there as well that was in his way. gore had 30 yards on thank you 22 carries week one. he had 79 on that alone. >> you can't run against nine in the box. >> yes, you can, if you're frank gore. >> get a seal here and a seal there, and you are gone. >> again, gone. 89-yard touchdown run. he's the second player in nfl history to rush for two touchdowns of 79 yards or more in one game. the other is barry sanders, and it was the cone of integrity. >> great job of pressing the hole, getting to the back door, and then it's nothing but a foot race. >> 16 carries, 207 yards. niners win 23-10. chris johnson averaged 12.3 yards per carry on sunday. it wasn't even the best. that's because, trent, frank gore had more, 12.9, which by
4:45 pm
the way, good enough to be third highest single game average since 1970. ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the program. the vikings and the lions. it started out with so much promise even though brett favre making his 271st consecutive start in the regular season. spot shadow on jason hunter. when you can go by phil loadholt like this and sack brett favre, we're going to spot check. matthew stafford, if he's going to do something, he's got to go to calvin johnson. megatron into the end zone. 10-0 lions. they lead 10-7 at the break. they won the half. celebrate it. this is actually the third straight year they've won the half against -- the third straight meeting they have won the half against the vikings. 10-7, 6-3, and then 3-2 of course. we all remember that one. by rule, they do have to play the second half. >> questionable rule, though. >> for the lions at this point, you are correct. merril, adrian peterson, who goes by the nickname a.d. >> this tells you why he is so
4:46 pm
special. brett favre obviously still loves the game, but look at this. whoo, get up! you like that? all day, baby. come on in. i'll play without my helmet. >> that's why they call him the cashier, why? >> make you pay. >> what would it have been to have a running back like that? >> you would hurt your knees if you're the defender trying to tackle him. really nice to have him as a running back. take a lot of pressure off you. >> anthony henry, no. let's try again. there's anthony henry again. he's coming. he's coming. i'm going to get him. i got him. no. no. adrian only had 15 carries, 92 yards, but they were important. 27 points ran off at one point by the vikings. they win 27-13. it's here. the lions are now the fourth team in nfl history to lose at least 19 straight regular season games, which matches the second longest losing streak in nfl history. in order to avoid joining the buccaneers as the only franchise
4:47 pm
to lose 20 straight, detroit is going to have to beat the redskins on sunday. moment of silence. >> i need to cry. >> moment of silence. respect the silence. move on. cardinals-jagua cardinals-jaguars. matt leinart, kurt warner. kurt warner, matt leinart. confusion as to why warner is starting. here now is why he would. trent, he was pretty good. >> the biggest reason, watch the horizontal stretch on the football field. warner loves that face, gets people open, and he's deadly accurate. >> he was deadly accurate to the sense of 15 straight completions to start the game. it didn't get any worse after that, by the way. anquan boldin for an eight-yard gain. any time you throw it to larry fitzgerald, that's a good call. >> once again, space. space. let these guys work in space. dangerous pass here. >> 24 of 26, 93.2 pass percentage, best ever in a single game. cardinals win 31-17.
4:48 pm
redskins trying to get it going. campbell, campbell, campbell looking. >> it's almost intercepted. it lead to a field goal. >> second quarter, redskins up 3-0 on the rams' 10. campbell. going to throw it away. it's another field goal. washington zero touchdowns, four possessions, inside the rams' 10 yard line. fourth quarter, rams down nine. done any donnie avery, you've got to catch that to give yourselves a chance. redskins hang on to win 9-7. when we continue on this edition of "nfl primetime," will the turnover fest continue for jake delhomme and the love fest for tony gonzalez continue for the falcons? falcons? falcons? falcons? falcons? ok, if you're thinkin' about gettin' a new truck... this is your lucky day. make that month. 'cause it's ford truck month. and that means savings on the best selling trucks 32 straight years. fortunately, luck has nothing to do with getting... a heck of a great deal on a
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4:51 pm
"primetime" rolls on. throw it in steve smith's direction, usually that's a great idea. that's a pretty good catch, trent dilfer. >> very good catch. i love the fact that jake delhomme came out aggressive and tried to get the ball to his best defender. steve smith played well most of the game. >> that would lead to a field goal. they lead 3-0. matt ryan is enjoying his newfound friend in tony gonzalez. when you have time, you can make this throw. again, trent, that is about as good of a throw as you're going to get. >> about as big of a dime as
4:52 pm
you're going to see. why? matt ryan throws tony gonzalez open. three defenders. gets it over one. gets the ball firm with an arc. up and down before it gets to the next defender. that's how you throw touchdowns for zone coverage. >> falcons take a 7-3 lead. merril, i'll tell you this. the best thing about gonzalez is he competes on every throw, including this one, which was initially ruled an incompletion. he knows when he's not down, and he knows the game. gets his big hands, gets up. look at that. he knows he's got it underneath. make him go back and replay it. >> gonzalez says you bet. seven catches, 71 yards. jason snelling from matt ryan, pullback angle. ryan, 21 of 27, 220 yards, three touchdowns. then that first jake delhomme play was really good. this is really, really good. >> it's a dime exchange. great throw. great catch. >> eight catches, 131 yards. how many times you see guys trying to make that play, and they mess it up.
4:53 pm
you've got to force the action. that was the only interception he threw on fourth and ten. he had no other option. falcons hold on to win 28-20. bucs-bills. first ever meeting in buffalo for the tampa bay team taking on the bills. t.o.'s home opener. second quarter, bills got off to a great start. they got 17 first quarter points. t.o. is open. it's going to be a lovefest. >> he's the greatest wide receiver. >> what a great throw. catch the ball! >> great wide receivers make catch and throw. >> t.o. is not happy. not happy. he would get other chances. >> nobody is happy. >> like here. trent edwards going back to him. this one t.o. hauls in. another look as he beats the lead down the sideline. >> nice route. 1 out of 2 not good enough. better throw and catch. throws him open. lets him go get it. >> 33-20 the win. raiders-chiefs. this one in kansas city. listen, we should tell you for most of this game the passing game of jamarcus russell and the raiders was stagnant.
4:54 pm
then they're down in this contest with a chance to win it. jamarcus, first play of the drive going deep. oh, it's almost intercepted. a very close call as maurice leggett could not get his hand on it. third and 13, he needed to make one play, and he made it. gets through his progression. one, two, delivers a great throw in the middle. unfortunately, once a game isn't enough. >> it was in this game. todd watkins for a 28-yard gain. second and one. merril, fake it one way and go the other way. >> let's show them via formation. we're going strong side, pitch it to the back. speed on the outside. mcfadden, touchdown. >> raiders win 13-10. jamarcus was 7 of 24 in this game. browns-broncos, perhaps the most impossible thing to think about all summer long. josh mcdaniels and company could start 2-0. brady quinn can't handle the snap. it was low. darrell reid, who came over from indy, picks it up. led to a broncos touchdown. elvis dumervil was almost antwan
4:55 pm
odom-esque. he was absolutely all over the place. getting a sack around joe thomas for a loss of two. dumervil around the left end this time. quinn for a loss of five yards. actually, that was the right side. and once again, working the right side of the offensive line. brady quinn barely escapes the safety. that's one, two, three times elvis is in the building. let's give it one more time around john st. clair. >> how about helping him out like a tight end? >> that would be called coaching. 27-6. four sacks for dumervil. when we continue on "nfl primetime," excellent is rewarded. primetime performers. ( instrumental music playing ) someday, cars will be engineered, using nanotechnology, to convert plants into components. the first-ever hs hybrid. only from lexus.
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is he going to do the lambeau leap? he's thinking about it. he's moving. >> to the end zone, ronny gould. >> plenty of distance. end over end, and it is good! and the new york giants have defeated the dallas cowboys. ♪
4:59 pm
primetime performers. let's hand them out. trept, you begin. >> antwan odom for the cincinnati bengals. 2008, he had three sacks in 12 games. he's got seven already in 2009, five on sunday. >> let's go left coast with the factor back, frank gore. eight, nine, ten, 12 men in the box. couldn't stop him. 15. >> that would have been a penalty. >> i'm going to stay on the east coast, sort of, eastern portion of the country. go with chris johnson. three touchdowns, 284 total yards. 197 rushing yards, 87 receiving yards. don't forget, we've got the colts-dolphins, "monday night football." colts trying t


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